First Communion, the day that Keera’s been preparing for.

Today was the day Keera’s been preparing for, today was Keera’s First Communion. Typically the ceremony would be held at our church, however due to major renovations it was relocated. The sacramental coordinator from the church, emailed me to notify me that we’d be having Mass and the sacrament at a nearby Catholic school. Everyone […]

We decorated our tree.

                                                                    ***This post contains affiliated links*** Christmas spirit is in full swing in the house, yesterday we took the kids to see Santa then we picked out a Christmas tree. Every year we take the kids to Bass Pro Shop at CrossIron Mills to see Santa. They get to meet Santa, and get a free […]

Christmas 2015.

MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope everyone had a wonderful day!Something I noticed about our family is everyone gets showered and dressed before we open presents. I mean only the adults shower, but the last couple of years we always postpone opening gifts until everyone is ready. I’ve got to admit I really like this idea, it’s […]