Baby Oh Baby Pregnancy Announcement, Plus Baby Update.

The kids announcing we are having a baby.Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always known I was destined to be a mom. While people were dreaming of who knows what, I was planning in my mind having a baby. There’s just some things you know, and I knew that I wanted to be a mom.

I remember playing M.A.S.H with my friends, they would always say they wanted two kids. I on the other hand, always wanted a big family. It’s not something that I set a specific number for, I just knew I that I wanted more than two baby’s. It’s no surprise that I started having kids earlier than, what most people would consider the norm.

I got pregnant with my oldest, when I was 17 years old. Despite what people think, Keera was in fact planned. The way that my pregnancy dates fell, I ended up having her when I was 18 years old. Statically I am not a teen mom, but I do fall into the young mom category. My pregnancy with Zaden, and Emilee wasn’t planned but they are blessings none the less.Our pregnancy announcement for the new baby.At the beginning of summer, I knew that I wanted to have another baby. I was looking into options, adoption was one of them. Although as you can see that plan didn’t happen, I ended up getting pregnant fairly quickly. Also I haven’t ruled out the possibility of adopting or fostering a baby or older child in the future.

I took a Clearblue digital pregnancy test on August 29th, around 3am and got a “Pregnant 1-2” result. I then again took another Clearblue digital test, around lunch time and it said the same results. My first reaction was excitement, I thought to myself *We’re going to have another baby!* then came the fear.

Unfortunately I can’t say right now why I had fear, because I can blog about my life however I can’t blog about other people’s lives especially when they haven’t told anyone yet. The struggles of a blogger eh?

The day that I took the pregnancy tests, I told two people. The father who was/is very excited, and my mom who was/is also excited. I never posted anything about the pregnancy, until today because I wanted to tell the kids first. I also waited, just in-case I had a miscarriage since I knew explaining that to the kids would be difficult.

Since I haven’t announced my pregnancy till now, I need to catch everyone up on the chaos that’s been happening.

My pregnancy was going fine, until September 27th. I started getting some spotting, followed by some mild cramping. In early pregnancy some spotting, and cramping is considered “fine” unless its bright red heavy bleeding. I wasn’t in panic mode until, I passed a small-sized blood clot.

That was enough to make me go to the emergency room, where they did a pelvic exam, ran some blood tests and asked me a ton of questions. Based off my last period, they said I was around 8 weeks 1 day pregnant. I was scheduled for an ultrasound for the next day. Everything on the ultrasound appeared to be normal, and they told me I was free to go home.

Other than some very mild brown spotting, I had no reason to be concerned. That was until October 13th, which I would like to mention also happened to be Friday the 13th… Basing my dates off my last period, and not an actual ultrasound dating scan. I was around 13 weeks, 3 days pregnant.

I started bleeding bright red blood, filling pad after pad (the over night heavy flow ones.) Terrified I went to the emergency room, where they kept me till I stopped bleeding then got sent home. Once again I ended up going back to the ER, on the 21st of October. The bleeding had started again, and I was soaking heavy flow pads.

The ER doctor scheduled me for an emergency ultrasound, to which I was expecting to be told the worst. Since I’ve never experienced bleeding, like this before in my previous pregnancies.They told us that the baby was healthy, and that I’ve got an Subchorionic hemorrhage hematoma (Subchorionic hematoma.)

Subchorionic hemorrhage hematoma affects about 25% of women, in their first trimester of pregnancy. It’s where you’ve got a pool of blood, near the baby and it could cause a miscarriage. CLICK HERE for more information. Currently I’m freaked out, since I’ve never experienced this before.

The doctor said that most of the time, our bodies will just reabsorb the blood pool. Worse case you will suffer a miscarriage.. I’m hoping that my body decides to reabsorb the blood, and that this bleeding stops soon. I’ve been googling like crazy, since they told me I’ve got a Subchorionic hemorrhage hematoma.

On October 26th, the doctor sent me for another ultrasound so that they could measure the blood pool. The ultrasound showed that the blood pool, is 7cm in length. The silver-lining to the terrifying information, is the ultrasound technician said the baby is moving a lot and looks healthy.

So that gives me hope, that everything will be okay. I’ve been scheduled for another ultrasound November 9th, since the bleeding hasn’t stopped. The doctors want to keep an eye on the baby, and make sure that the¬†Subchorionic hematoma isn’t growing.

Google can be your best friend, or your worst enemy in situations like this. I wasn’t aware just how common bleeding is in pregnancy, even the doctors say that it’s common. Which baffles me, I’ve had three pregnancies before this and I’ve never heard of this issue.

I believe that the issue here, is no one likes to discuss it. Whenever people think of blood during pregnancy, they think miscarriage right away. Yes in some circumstances that is the end result, although that’s not always the case. People should share their stories, there should be more conversations about this both the good and the bad.

On that note, trust yourself and your body. When in doubt, check it out it’s better to go in and get facts rather than google. My best advice is AVOID GOOGLING, I know you won’t listen but I suggest it just the same.

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