Organization/decluttering bedroom, plus some IKEA finds.

New dresser for organizationWe made a family trip to IKEA a few days ago, because I needed to buy a new dresser. Right now I’ve got two dressers in my room, both of which only have three drawers. Which means we’re lacking in organization, and clothing storage space.

The set up so far is Zaden’s using one of them and Emilee and I share the second one. This system was working for a while, but now as you can imagine it’s not anymore. When Emilee was younger she had tiny clothes, and it managed to fit in one drawer. I would use the top two drawers, and we kept her socks with my stuff.

Now that she’s getting older, she’s got more clothes and she’s getting bigger it takes up more space. I too need more than, two drawers of space for my stuff. We are in desperate need for some organization up in here. So the mission wasn’t just to buy another dresser, but to buy a bigger one.

I ended up buying a six drawer dresser, which has five regular drawers then the top one splits into two separate sections. CLICK HERE to view it on IKEA’s website. The plan for now is Emilee will use the bottom two drawers, since she can reach and she’ll have one of the top halves. I’ll have the top two for myself, including one of the other halves of the very top drawer.the dressers before I decluttered themIn order to put the new dresser in our room, I had to declutter and clean. Which was a headache, and a nightmare rolled into one. Everything was piled up on top of the dressers, because there wasn’t any spaces in the drawers for stuff. I had to do major organization, and purging.the mess on the floor by my bedroom door, before I cleanedI had to start by my bedroom door, and sort through all the stuff on the ground. Which turned out to be a mixture of donation stuff, and clothes that didn’t fit in the drawers.

Next I started by going through the stuff on top of each dresser, then I relocated the white storage container to beside my door for now. I will be sorting, and organizing that at a later date. I didn’t want to tackle too much, because then I’d be overwhelmed.

how my room looked clean, without the dressers in it after i vacuumed
Look how spacious it is!

After I sorted through the stuff on top of the dressers, I emptied and went through both of the dressers. My mom said she needed a new dresser, so I thought it would be perfect to give her one of mine. Once everything was organized and clean, I did a quick vacuum.

the old and new dresser in the room, all nice and clean.
That eyesore of a container leftover, on the dresser is full of socks. MIXED UNMATCHED SOCKS! They haunt me. Lol.

My mom helped me move the new dresser into my bedroom, and then one of the smaller ones. The bedroom looks completely different, it’s more organized which makes me feel so much more relaxed.

Why you should always check out the damage section of stores.New IKEA table, I found in the damage section.

So. Fricken. Excited.

We’ve been talking about buying a new table for a while now. We had our minds set on a high table, and we weren’t willing to settle for anything less. As much as I wasn’t willing to settle, my pocket-book was also screaming at me to be realistic after-all it’s just a table.

While we were at IKEA buying the new dresser, we stopped by the damaged section of the store. Which is something you should always make time for SERIOUSLY, not everything in that section in junk there’s often really good finds.

We found this steal of a deal table, marked down from 229$ to just under 100$. The reason for the mark down was damage to one of the top corners, see picture above. It’s not even noticeable unless you know what you are looking for, not to mention I’ve got three kids so little things like that don’t bother me!!

our new patio table
Simple, but something I’ve wanted for a while.

Also we found this awesome patio table, which will go perfect with my white wooden chairs from the table. It’s not extravagant, however it’s simple which is what I’ve wanted for a really long time. I’ve wanted for years just a basic patio table, something that can withstand the kids and Canadian winters. 😛

Also a little place I can sit at outside on the balcony with a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the sunlight… and possibly blog. I really need some more sun, and a place to escape the noise of the kids every once in a while. 😉

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