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Do you ever notice that we as people, usually gravitate towards the same few restaurants all the time. It’s not that we aren’t opened to eating elsewhere, it’s just that we go to whats familiar. This evening we were driving around, looking for a new place to eat. When I seen Jack Astor’s, we quickly pulled over to see if it was kid friendly.

After I looked up the menu online, we made the decision to give this new place a try. I’m trying to be more open to new restaurants, instead of eating at the same old places. Since it would be our first time, I thought I might as well do a Jack Astor’s food review. Which if I’m being honest is just a really good excuse, to order more food including dessert. 😛

Jack Astor’s is a bar and grill, which means they cater to adults and children. Currently there is only one Jack Astor’s, location in Alberta and that’s here in Calgary. If you want to look up their locations, and menu you can find it online just CLICK HERE for the website. Character busts, from movies and of celebrities.In the restaurant they’ve got, a wall of celebrity and character busts in the far corner by a booth. I’m not sure the meaning of it, but it does give the place an extra cool vibe.Poutine and wing appetizers from Jack Astor's.As we were looking through the menu, I knew right away that I wanted to try the chicken wings. I love chicken wings, and I wanted to know if they serve good wings.

I ordered some mild BBQ wings, they come dusted in flour then deep-fried. The sauce you order isn’t put on the wings, till they are brought to your table. That’s when your waiter or waitress mixes the wings, in the sauce right in front of you.

Both my mom and I weren’t big fans of the chicken wings. I thought that the wings had too much breading, I like my wings more meaty. So that was slightly disappointing for me, they would have been better off not covering them in flour.

Next I ordered a “Chicken BLT Stack’d Poutine”, from the appetizer section. I’ll admit it was mostly because, I was intrigued by the description. It turns out that It’s basically a poutine that they add lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, onion, and Caesar dressing to.

The Stack’d poutine, was surprisingly delicious. It gives you the great taste of a classic poutine, with a little kick of flavour by the added Caesar dressing mixed with veggies. The only thing that I would change would be to, remove the bacon I think it would have tasted better without it.

Slow your roll, I’m a fellow bacon lover. Honestly I am, but I also believe that some foods are better off without bacon.*GASP!*

In most restaurants the appetizer portions, are usually small with barely enough to share around the table. However that wasn’t the case at Jack Astor’s, in fact the portions were so large that even after the five of us had some. We still had a ton of leftovers to take home with us.My grilled chicken fajitas, that I ordered from Jack Astor's.I ordered myself the Grilled chicken Fajitas, as my main meal. It was so good, my food came out on one of those sizzling hot plates. Please tell me I’m not the only one, that enjoys hearing the sizzling sound of the food!

I got some onions, and peppers sizzled with my grilled chicken. They gave me other toppings on the side, such as cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and salsa on the side along with my tortillas of course.The kids food, pizza and chicken fingersZaden and Emilee ordered the children’s Chicken Fingers, and Keera ordered the Pita Pit-za. The only options for toppings on the pizza, are cheese or cheesy pepperoni.

I managed to snag a taste of each of the kids meals, and they were tasty. The chicken fingers, are crunchy and flavorful. Not your average tender chicken type, and the pizza was crunchy similar to thin crust pizza with a cheesy flavor.

I had a slight touch of food envy, as far as the chicken fingers go. It doesn’t matter how delicious the food that I order is, I almost always end up with food envy. I’m sure it’s because I’m a food lover at heart.

Despite being full to my neck, and having to pack up some of the appetizers. After much thought, I figured what’s a good food review without dessert? Even though I was full, I ordered some dessert. It’s a rare occasion when I order dessert, typically I’m too full.a small brownie I ordered for dessert.Knowing that I was already full, I ordered the “World’s Most Ridiculously Small Brownie.” Which turned out to be just enough, without overdoing it. It’s this small brownie, that they serve with some whipped cream drizzled in caramel sauce. They also add a cherry on top, and I’m a sucker for cherries!

A yummy ending to our meal, and overall I will definitely be adding Jack Astor’s to my list of restaurants to frequently eat at.

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