Zaden’s first day of kindergarten

img_99701Time sure is flying by, it seems like only yesterday we were bringing Zaden to his first day of preschool. Today was his first day of Kindergarten. *Cue the water works* This morning went well Zaden got up and ready for school, without any fuss. Keera on the other hand has already adapted the “five more minutes” approach, and it’s only her second day lol. Zaden has been eagerly waiting for this day, since his last day of preschool. He’s ecstatic to go to school, but mostly excited that he finally gets to take the school bus with his big sister! I’m really hoping that he’s still this excited to go to school a month from now. While we waited for the school bus we were taking some pictures, and messing around with some Snapchat filters. The kids really like the dog one, it’s hilarious when the tongue comes out apparently. ^_^

Once the bus pulled up, we did the usual hugs and kisses goodbye; followed up with “I love yous” and “have a good day, be good.” Keera headed towards the bus without missing a beat, but Zaden seemed unsure. He came back to hug and kiss me twice before I insisted he get on the bus. Since the kids were the first on the bus, they were able to sit together. Keera and Zaden both waved at us, and then Zaden kept waving until the bus pulled away. I always make sure to stand there with Emilee, we wave until the bus pulls away.zadenfirstday                       For your own Free downloadable “Editable First Day of School sign” click HERE.
Of course I was crying, I think it’s just the “it’s my kids first day of school” thing. Emilee was crying too, she couldn’t understand why her brother wasn’t coming back home with us. I got her to be quiet by convincing her we’d go to Starbucks. 7: 10am Starbucks date, sounds like fun. We got to sit and people watch while we sipped our drinks. It’s unreal how many people come in for coffee in the morning. Most of them seemed to be regulars from the way they ordered their drink, most people were in a rush on their cellphones/checking their watches. I’ve never been able to really sit and enjoy a drink at a coffee shop, Zaden’s too hyperactive for that. Emilee on the other hand, was perfectly content sitting quietly with her strawberry smoothie. Half an hour passed, and I decided it was time to head home for a real breakfast. Our day was uneventful from there, the silence was almost deafening. We ate breakfast, then napped, then read some books, followed by some lunch. We put on a movie to which we ended up falling asleep again, next thing you know it was time to pick up Keera and Zaden. We’re definitely going to have to think of more exciting things to do, now that Zaden’s not here during the day to fill the silence. As soon as Zaden got off the bus the first thing he asked me was “Can I bring a girl home?”. Not exactly what I was expecting lol, but I’m happy he made friends with a girl in his grade…who happens to live right near us. He told me he cried on the bus in the morning because he missed me, but he ended up having a good day. New experiences can be hard sometimes, but they usually help us grow. 🙂img_99551

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