Tacos in a bowl.

Have you ever wanted to try a food, that’s so simple to make yet you’ve just never got around to it? I was hesitant on trying out Tacos In A Bag. I mean in theory they sound delicious, and we’ve had tacos before lol. With five of us here, I try sticking to foods I know everyone will like. Then when the kids are gone for a sleepover, I like to experiment and try new foods. That’s what I love about going out to restaurants, everyone can order what they want; and my taste buds get to try new tastes. This afternoon I decided it was enough waiting to find out! The kids and I went to the grocery store to grab a couple of essentials, since we ran out of milk. While we were there I decided, to pick up some taco seasoning, a party size bag of Doritos, taco salad in a bag, and some sour cream. Just as we were heading towards the tills, I decided I wanted to give spinach a try too. For years now I’ve been thinking of trying spinach, but I was worried the kids and I wouldn’t like it. Since we were going out of the box a little, I figured I might as well go big. Now I know this might come across as a newbie thing to say, but I was excited to find out that there’s Popeye’s spinach. Yes I’m lame, but I thought it was cool. I grew up watching Popeye on TV, but they made the spinach in a can look so gross lol. I ended up getting a container of baby spinach and red leaves, and a bag of Popeye’s spinach. Instead of buying individual bags of Doritos, I figured it would be better cost and portion wise to get the biggest bag. It makes sense, considering when you buy a bag of chips it’s usually half air anyways.

Salsa not pictured, but you bet I had some!

Once we got home I started cooking the turkey meat, with the taco seasoning. I got some tomatoes cut up, some sour cream, the Doritos, and the spinach washed up. With three kids eating, it’s just easier to have all the ingredients separated into different bowls. Everyone had their own bowl of spinach, and I added the ingredients they wanted. Keera ate three bowls of salad with ingredients, Zaden polished off two bowls; and Emilee ate a bowl and a half. I’m pretty excited, everyone really loved the spinach.

Who would have guessed that it would have been such a hit… than again I shouldn’t be surprised. My kids often request broccoli for supper, I still find that strange. Maybe I’m just lucky, or it could have something to do with the fact that I introduced vegetables to the kids early. From a young age ever since the kids started on solid foods, I always made sure the kids ate vegetables for at least one meal. So whether it’s luck, or it’s because of something I did when they were younger I’m happy. Parents know how hectic meal times are with kids, and it’s nice to just be able to sit down without having to nag the kids to eat their veggies.

My taco salad with regular taco chips. 🙂

On that note, I’m not a fan of Doritos on my salad. I like plain taco chips, but the Doritos just don’t work for me. So now I’ve got a bag of Doritos sitting in my cupboard. We aren’t huge fans of chips anymore, we’ve got a bag of chips that’s been sitting in the cupboard for fourish months now (I’m not the one that bought it.) It’s opened and probably won’t be eaten, I should just go throw it out. 😛

Have you ever had tacos in a bag? What’s your go to stuff to put on tacos?


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