Keera’s first day of grade three.

Today is Keera’s first day back at school, and she’s off to 3rd grade. I can’t believe it, I’ve got a third grader! Every year a couple of weeks before school starts, I get searching on Pinterest. I desperately want to be that cool parent, that does creative back to school pictures. I think up ideas in my head, but every year it doesn’t happen. Life gets in the way, procrastination happens you get the idea. The kids have to be on the bus for 7am, needless to say were all tired. Despite my lack of creativity, I always make sure to get a First Day of School picture. It’s nothing fancy, but it works. I get a picture of her waiting for the bus, then a family selfie, and once the bus shows up another picture as she gets on. The first day of school for me is emotional, this is her 4th year taking the bus so I should be used to it by now… but I’m not. As the bus pulled up, she gave her siblings and I a quick hug and kiss. Just as she was getting on the bus, she said over her shoulder “bye I love you mom”. You can definitely tell she’s growing up, her first day of school doesn’t even faze her anymore. I’m still here with waterworks, but I know she’ll be alright. While Keera was off to school, and the two youngest were napping I got back on Pinterest. I was determined to find something cool I could do to remember today. I was over the moon, when I came across a post for a Free downloadable “Editable First Day of School sign” click here to check it out!
keera-first-day2 I know this year I kind of missed the holding it, on the first day of school part which is a bummer; but there’s always next year. The important thing is I got her answers today, and I got pictures of her first day. Next year I’ll be able to tweak the colours, font and even the information. It’s cool thinking about just how different, the kids answer might be in the future. 🙂firstdayofschool1

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  1. Thank you for posting my Back to School Sign Freebie! I am delighted that you can use it. So happy that you got to remember your sweet Keera’s 3rd grade year with her “favorites”. It definitely is fun to look back at, especially as the years go on.

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