Oven cooked fish, quick and easy.

I’m on a health kick, and I’m trying to change our eating habits with healthier options. We’ve always been a family that’s huge on eating vegetables, we usually have some with every meal. It’s just trying to get creative with different things that the kids will enjoy. I don’t mind eating the same thing a couple of days in a row, but I know the kids aren’t fond of it. We used to go to the M&M meat shop store every couple of days and buy their lemon pepper fish. Everyone loves it, and I still plan on buying it again in the future. It’s just really expensive, especially when a box is only enough for one meal when it’s all of us eating. I’ve been searching while on shopping trips for other things that I can buy. While shopping the other day I found a bag of fish at Superstore, Blue Cod fillets [boneless/skinless] 10$ for a 3 lb bag. I was probably more ecstatic than I should have been, but I figured out that a bag will last us roughly three meals not counting leftovers for lunch. Whenever I’m cooking fish, or even chicken I like to cook a couple of extra pieces that way we have leftovers for lunch. In the past I always cooked fish in the frying pan with flour, and LOTS of butter. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being healthy, I think anyways lol. So tonight I tried out cooking the fish in the oven wrapped in tinfoil. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to dirty extra dishes, so I googled cooking fish. I came across so many different recipes, and videos a majority of them suggested the use of butter, salt and pepper and vegetables. That seemed like a solid idea, I could see what works and tweak the way I cook the fish in the future. Ovencookedfish(1)I started by placing foil on the baking sheet, and adding the fish, butter, garlic plus, lemon juice and the frozen vegetable on top. After that I wrapped it all up and placed it on the baking sheet. I cooked it in the oven at 350* for 30 minutes than I checked it, it was ready. There’s no right or wrong way of cooking this, but I’m planning on trying to cut out the butter in the future. I thought that the garlic plus, lemon juice and vegetables gave the fish a bit more flavour. I’m excited to try it out without butter the next time I cook it, and the best part is the vegetables were cooked at the same as the fish without the extra dishes. What I enjoy about this is you can use the fish and your veggies straight out of the freezer, no need to defrost. Voila a quick easy hot supper ready to serve, without going out to a restaurant.

How do you cook your fish?

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