Zaden’s the star.

When Zaden was born he didn’t cry, in fact he didn’t even cry for the first two weeks of his life. He just did little whimper’s similar to a puppy, but watch out after two weeks all of that changed. He became way more vocal, and the energetic bundle of energy hasn’t quit since. Ever since he got a grasp on talking he hasn’t stopped talking. He’s most definitely a chatter box, and I’m pretty sure he got it from his mama lol.

{So some back story-} In the last couple of years I’ve noticed how difficult I made it for Keera, because she was my first baby I was so afraid of her getting hurt. I sheltered her to the point where when she first started school she didn’t know how to properly interact with the other kids. She was an only child till she was almost three years old, she never went to a daycare or even a preschool/playschool. The first time she ever spent more than a couple of hours with other kids besides her brother was her first day of kindergarten. On top of all that she was put in an all french school, even though she knew some french beforehand I’m sure that added to the environment shock. Moving forward I’m happy to say that now that she’s in grade 2, things are going much better. However that taught me a very important parenting lesson, and I don’t want to repeat my mistake with the others…in parenting you learn as you go.

So I enrolled Zaden in preschool in September 2014, I didn’t want him to be “socially awkward”. It’s not like Zaden needs a lot of help in that department either, I doubt he’s got a socially awkward bone in his body. He’s a natural-born chatter box, that isn’t shy about talking to anyone about anything really. Which certainly is something with a ton of pros and cons. Around February 2015 we took him out of preschool, because his preschool had told us they were doing all these things with the kids and they really weren’t. I didn’t think it was worth the fees, for what little they were actually doing. We decided to keep him out of preschool until September 2015 to give him a chance for some free-time, and then we enrolled him into an all french preschool. It’s been going great, he loves his three teachers and he’s getting more one on one attention. Their teaching him how to improve his french, his ABCs, and other basic things. It’s already way more than his other preschool was doing and teaching him, and it’s going to really help him transition to kindergarten in September 2016. I’m so sad how fast time is going, but I know that he’ll be more than ready!
Etoile(1)His preschool does this “Étoile de la semaine”, which means “Star of the week”. It’s where they choose a student to be the star of the week. It sounds simple enough, right? Well Zaden has been wanting to be the star of the week since he started at his preschool. I’m not sure how you qualify for it, but anyways. Today he finally got star of the week and he was OVER THE MOON excited. I’m so proud of him and I’m excited for him too!! He couldn’t stop talking about it, and he wore that star with pride. It’s so cool how excited he was about getting recognized like that from his teachers. Watching my kids achieve things that make them that excited, makes my heart swell up with so much joy.

What’s something your child(ren) has worked hard to achieve?

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  1. Roger and Annette says: Reply

    Congratulation Zadon from grand mam and grandpa

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