This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to love myself.

Every year on Valentine’s Day couples everywhere are going out and buying, or have bought their spouse/common-law/whatever you call each-other something to express how they feel about each-other. I don’t agree with this, I think that you should express how you feel about your partner to each-other daily. You shouldn’t need a special day to express your love, however I am human and that doesn’t change the fact that it would be nice to get something for Valentine’s Day. Again this year though I didn’t receive anything for Valentine’s Day from my partner. Which is okay…no really it’s okay, because this year I decided to take things into my own hands; this year I made the choice to love myself. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do but I haven’t done out of fear I guess?

But yesterday I was on my way into the grocery store to buy some diapers, and this lady stopped me and asked me if I heard of Goodlife the all women’s gym upstairs. I’ve noticed it and I was planning on going up to check it out, I just never gave myself a deadline or any time to go look… and we all know how that goes. So after we spoke a little bit she asked me if I wanted to come and meet her at the gym the next morning. She said she’d give me a tour of the gym, and she’d be able to give me more information on what memberships they have to offer. I thought why not, this might just be the push I’ve been waiting for.

After she explained everything and gave me a tour of the gym, I made the decision to buy myself a gym membership. The membership I got includes three personal trainer sessions, which I’m going to use to get as much information as I can. This is the first time I’ve ever been in a gym since I was 13, and this is the first time I will actually be wanting to use all the equipment. I want to learn how to use it properly, so that I can get the most out of my membership. I truly think this is the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever bought myself, and even though I signed up at an all women’s gym I can still go to any Goodlife gym Canada wide to use my membership. I can only see the benefits to having my membership, it’s going to help me lose weight which will have a domino effect like giving me more confidence. Having more confidence will help me feel better about myself, all of those things will make me a healthier person; which will ultimately benefit my kids because I’ll be able to stay and keep up with them. It’s also going to teach my kids that it’s important to get active and stay active in life so that they can be healthy, which is really important.
haircut(1)While I was meeting up with the receptionist at the gym, my mom brought Emilee for her first hair cut. She doesn’t have much hair, but she really needed a trim to kind of tidy up her hair. The hairdresser said that this trim should help her hair grow faster which is a bonus at this point. I’m proud my mom said that she sat still and was really good, Emilee even got a sucker at the end. 🙂 Oh and I bought my mom some white roses for V-Day, because she deserves it and so much more but I don’t like the cliché red roses.

What did you/your family do for Valentine’s Day this year?

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