A parenting milestone I didn’t want.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to give bacon weaving another shot. I was super excited because this time around, I managed to get to the bacon package before someone cut the bacon in half. Weaving bacon is so much easier when you’ve got the full length bacon. I’m happy to say that it was very successful, and the kids and I enjoyed our bacon with eggs, and toast. I’ll admit I need to work on my egg cooking skills, they aren’t that good but eh at least they are edible {I consider anything my kids will consume without complaining as edible.. within reason of course!}.baconweaveattemptnumber2Overall it was turning out to be a pretty fantastic day, until Zaden informed me just after lunch that he wasn’t feeling well. His cheeks were hot to the touch, and I noticed his cheeks were starting to get a rash. I grabbed the thermometer and took his temperature. It was way higher than it was supposed to be, so I gave him some Tylenol and water. He laid down on the couch to watch some superheros on Netflix, I kept making him drink because I didn’t want him to get dehydrated. I feel so helpless when there’s nothing that I can do, so I just kept monitoring him and the rash only seemed to get worse. It was spreading from his cheeks, to his ears, down his neck, stomach, and back.Zadenrash(1)I kept asking him if he could breathe, and he said he could breathe fine. Besides him having a rash his only other symptoms were, fever and sore eyes. Still the rash kept spreading onto his arms and legs. I was really starting to get scared, I thought maybe it was chicken pox, or measles. Thanks a lot Google..

We were able to get him an appointment at the doctors, and my mom brought him in right away. The doctor said he wasn’t sure what it was (you’ve got to love hearing that from a doctor right..), and that he was pretty sure it was an allergic reaction. He didn’t eat anything that he hasn’t had before, so I was stumped as to what the reaction could be from. The doctor said that it could be a delayed reaction from his Strep throat medication…medication he had finished taking a week ago. He followed up by telling us something I thought was completely absurd. He said the only way we would be able to know if that’s what my son was allergic to, or not is to prescribe him that exact same medication the next time. Heaven forbid my son gets Strep throat again, and if he does get a reaction to bring him into the emergency right away.Zadensback(1)On one hand I can understand where the doctor is coming from, but on another note I think it’s completely insane. I mean why would I purposely want to give my son something he may be allergic to, but then again how can I be sure that’s what he was in fact getting an allergic reaction to. Only time will tell and hopefully I don’t need to go through this again!

Has your child ever had an allergic reaction to something? What did you do? How did you react?

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