Homemade pizza Friday

pizzasTonight we made homemade pizza, with some tortillas that I had. I used some tomato sauce and added some spices from my spice rack. I’m pretty selective on the spices I use, okay let’s be honest I’m picky about the spices I use. I have eighteen spices, and I use about eight of them or that’s how many are almost empty. Ha Ha. Months ago (it feels like it’s been forever) I introduced the kids to Hawaiian pizza but instead of your usual Hawaiian pizza I like to add chicken and green peppers, and use BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce. The kids went from hating peppers to loving them, and the BBQ sauce gives it a little different taste. So tonight on our homemade pizza night on the menus was:

Hawaiian Pepper Pizza.
Ingredients needed for one pizza:

1 -Tortilla or pita shell per pizza
1- Green pepper *We made two pizzas and still had some left over*
1- Slice of Ham per pizza
1- Can of Pineapples *That’s enough for two pizzas* (Or you can use fresh pineapples and cut your own.
1- Can of tomato sauce or tomato paste *We made two pizzas and we still had some left* you can also use BBQ sauce instead which gives it a delicious new taste.
Shredded cheese (any kind you prefer)
Spices for taste

Before you start building your pizza, preheat your oven to 350. You can cook your peppers in the frying pan if you want, we didn’t and they tasted just as good. We cooked our pizza for 15 minutes and it tasted fantastic!!!

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