Meet Us.

Hello, I’m Erika aka Mom’s Quiet Prayer.

I first started to get into writing, when I was a preteen. I joined a “self-esteem” after school program, basically it was to try to teach girls how to be comfortable in their own skin. At the start of the program, we had to write a few things in a journal. Ever since than, I’ve been hooked on the whole journaling thing.

I started blogging in 2013, four months into my 3rd pregnancy. I was looking for a place, that I could write my thoughts, feelings, and just things I thought were important. Being a parent is tough sometimes, and I really wanted a place where I could express myself.

Now I’m the mom to four awesome human beings. 3 girls: Keera, Emilee, and Kennedy. 1 boy: Zaden. They are the sunshine in my life, with occasional heavy rain. I’m an obsessive perfectionist, stuck in the body of an exhausted mom. I love organization, but fatigue has caused me to cave to the life of chaos that is four kids.

I live off sarcasm, humor, and good food. The things that make me happy are: reading, strawberry acai lemonade refreshers, traveling, board-games, blogging, my kids, and good conversation. In my mind I love the idea of DIY stuff, and home renovations.. Despite the fact I’ve never done home renovations YET.

My mind is flooded with creativity, but self-doubt holds me back most of the time. I’m working on silencing that self-doubt, one day at a time.

                                                                               Here’s a quote that inspires me:
“What you do today, can improve all your tomorrows”